The Galactic Gazetteer

You have now in your hands a customized, expandable encyclopedia of the Vortex Galaxy. The Galactic Gazetteer is known throughout the Pan-Civilization as the ultimate guide to places, species, and events you have interacted with directly and indirectly, including their history.

Or in other words: a guide to the Ausländer universe, expanded constantly as we add more material.

Featured pages

Vortex Galaxy Map

Ever wonder what the Ausländer galaxy looks like? Wonder no more!


Learn more about Kajē's species!

Are you a creator?

The Galactic Gazetteer is a wiki, and the Gazetteer and the greater Ausländer universe in general are open projects. Have a great idea for a species, planet, historical character, political or economical or military group, style of technology, story, history, or really, anything that could be interesting for other readers? Text, pictures, animation, sound, anything? Head over to the forum, introduce yourself, discuss your idea a bit, and when you're ready, post a draft. If other Creators like it and the Gazetteer editors feel it “fits”, it will be incorporated into the wiki and the “canon” universe, and may one day be used in the show (with a credit).

The rules

  1. Anybody can contribute, any age, from anywhere. The only exception is if you're under some sort of contract that makes anything you create the property of your employer, then you'll need your employer's permission.
  2. All contributions are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.
  3. By submitting any contribution you make the claim that you have the right to license the work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, either because you're the sole owner of the rights, or because you have permission from any other owners to do so. (Implicitly, this includes using/remixing/referring to any other creation that's also distributed under the same license.)
  4. The Gazetteer is in English only. If you don't feel confident writing in English, try to locate another Creator who speaks your language and can write in English, and work together.
  5. The first tier of the publication process is the drafts forum. The more other Creators “second” your draft, the better your chance of an Editor looking at it and moving it forward.
  6. Only one Editor will work with each given contribution at a time (although an Editor may hand it over to another Editor if necessary). The Editor's word is final. If an Editor requests some changes and the Creator isn't willing to make them, the Editor can reject the contribution.
  7. Editors are chosen by (and include) the Ausländer core team. Please don't ask about, or apply for being an Editor, unless requested; more likely, we'll ask you.
  8. Since Ausländer and the Gazetteer are Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, that means any rejected contributions are still yours to do with as you like. Publish it as fan fiction, publish it in your own website, publish a book, start a parallel universe wiki... all's fair!
  9. There is no rule #9; enough rules already, go create stuff!