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Even if he didn't have his telepathic abilities and his G.L.A.M.U.R. device, Petar would still be an essential member of the team, as far as I'm concerned: it's his easy-going attitude, his enthusiasm, and his often-professed love for Berlin that I count as his most valuable assets, keeping the team grounded and motivated, and preventing many of the infighting that would otherwise be inevitable with the strong personalities we have.

As it is, he's also telepathic, like any Varrkzon; even though, like most of his species, he's extremely reluctant to use his telepathy, both for cultural reasons and because it appears to be physically uncomfortable (although Max insists that's psychosomatic). That, his friendly personality, and the years of hardship and hiding between running away from the Varrkzon and settling in Berlin, combine to make him our best information gatherer.

In field operations, Luna and I find it most effective to partner him with Kajē; their personalities and backgrounds mesh rather well, with Petar keeping her from going overboard, and Kajē keeping things always in motion.

Petar is played by Marc Philipps. Photos by Robert Mandrup Meyer.