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His reputation arrived far in advance of himself. A young mercenary, making a name for himself wherever there are fights to be fought. The last disciple of a discredited, renegade Strider school of martial arts. Is he a Strider? Or is he something else? Nothing is known of his life before he started his apprenticeships. No Strider family claims to know him. But that could be because he chose a dishonoured path. Or it could be because he's an outsider who just happened to stumble upon the renegade master.

Either way, Per'l Ruthlyss (blatantly false name or what?) is knows galaxywide as a fighting machine, a man who gets the job done and doesn't speak much. It's easy to get carried away by this reputation and forget how young and inexperienced he is; he walked out of a space cruiser with fluent, machine-learned German... and an English that can be best described as hesitant, plus almost no understanding of the local customs. I wonder if he prepared to come here based on incomplete intel.

And now he's here. Asked about his business, he claimed confidentiality, and he's making many of my colleagues nervous. I'd love to be able to reassure them... but I fear the worst is still to come, and Per'l will be right in the middle of it.

Per'l is played by Trung “Zhong” To Duc. (Some) photos by Robert Mandrup Meyer.