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I have spent most of my extremely long life being the most clever man in the room, any room. (Or outdoors, as it might be.) The rare exceptions were, for the most part, experiences to be cherished, of great learning and usually camaraderie.

Oh, how I wish I could say the same about Max.

The thing is, he's a lot more clever than anyone else. His whole species is simply more advanced than all of us. Both biologically and technologically. (Well, all right, hard to say in my case, but that's neither here or there.) And he's keen enough on reminding everybody of that fact.

It is, in fact, somewhat unclear why Max is on Earth at all. Arkekronites aren't known for slumming by choice. And he certainly doesn't seem to be enjoying himself. I ask, how would you like to spend a few years among a tribe of apes? Might be an adventure in the beginning, but I can imagine it would get old really fast. Many of us suspect he's actually up to something... and worse, we wonder: if he is, would we be able to stop him?

Max is played by Bruce Woolley. Photos by Robert Mandrup Meyer.