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A young lady with a fiery investigative instinct and a restless soul, Liz doesn't know too much about her parents. Around the time she was born, they were rich, and travelled a lot. Her father, Frank Smith (industrialist, inventor, photographed with queens and presidents), disappeared and was presumed dead when she was very young. Her mother, Rebecca, never recovered, and became more and more withdrawn, until one day she accidentally set their house on fire, putting herself in a coma until this day. Liz, who was fortunately not home that day, has been taking care of Rebecca ever since.

Liz doesn't seem to know what she wants to do with her life. Living off a trust fund established by Frank and Rebecca in the early 90s, she bounces between schools and jobs, and seems to prefer having her own adventures and investigating her wild theories. But before you take too much pity or look down on her, let me add: she's awfully good at it. She could easily make a career in police, intelligence, or, if we can convince her, the AFF. But only if she decides she even wants a career.

She has recently moved to Berlin, where a clinic has offered her a breakthrough treatment for Rebecca. Once here, Liz started following a series of mysteries, convinced that a community of aliens have come to live among humans in the city. Where did she get that idea, I wonder...

Liz is played by Angela Geiger. Photos by Robert Mandrup Meyer.