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Mussordites are everywhere. They're the cockroaches of the galaxy, the goblins, the scavengers and survivors, and often enough found where foul play is afoot. And... as profound as is my dislike for writing something as racist as the previous sentence, the truth is, if you happened to find a rare Mussordite that actually cared what you think, he would take this as a compliment, an acknowledgement of their species. Because this is who they are, and they take pride in this. In the same way humans have an atavistic worship for predators, and Striders for species with protective instincts, Mussordites worship scavengers and parasites. They don't believe in doing the hardest work; they believe in surviving, no matter what it takes, and have very little use for laws and rules.

But then... why is this particular specimen so desperate to leave Earth? What does he know that we don't? It's a lesson I learnt in my merchant naval days; if you walk around your ship for too long without seeing a rat, it might be a good idea to look for holes in the hull.

Krett is played by Lucas Rennebach.