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Most people who know Kajē believe that's her nickname and stage name, and that she's really Katrine Kayadotter, a Swedish dancer and musical actress who has been living in Berlin for a few years.

However, while her Swedish documents and paper trail are impeccable, if you asked around in Sweden, you wouldn't find anyone there who actually ever met Miss Kayadotter previous to her debut in Berlin.

In fact, her real name is Kajē, gan-Kāja, gan-Tatāj; and she's from a bit farther than Sweden — she's an alien, from a warrior species known as Striders. She's all about honor and martial merit and skill, and enjoying life to the full.

With the AFF's current shortage of more physical combatants, since we lost Trucus, we find ourselves relying almost exclusively on Kajē for that, a role she's more than happy to fill. She seems to be very happy to have something valuable to contribute.

It frequently amuses me how people tend to sub-estimate her mind. Being so exuberantly physical, they assume she can't be much of an intellectual. They'd be surprised; as a proud scion of Strider culture, which tends to be much more holistic in this aspect, Kajē gracefully balances both sides, with a sharp wit and an understanding of Earth and humans envied even by some who've been here for a long time, such as Luna. In fact, Kajē is on Earth to research for her thesis, about cultures on the verge of space travel.

(Or so she claims. I suspect she has hidden motives she won't even admit to herself, and seeing how happy she seems to be in Berlin is the strongest clue about that.)

Kajē is played by Betty Bauer. Photos by Robert Mandrup Meyer.