Ausländer is an independently-produced science fiction series, set (and filmed) in modern-day Berlin.

The aliens really are among us. Some of them are inoffensive. Some are dangerous, or uncooperative. And a small group of them actually works with the local government to deal with the problem cases.

Ausländer will be distributed on the web, for free.


Because it's time. The sci-fi serial has peaked and is now waning, and not because there's no interest in it, but because it needs to change and adapt to the modern sci-fi fan. And with the web and digital film technology, why wait for it to happen, if we can just get up and do our part?

We don't claim to be taking a completely new path, or to be the pioneers; but by being a little more ambitious, with an original concept and our own format, we hope to help this “new era” reach critical mass.

We want to make clever, deep sci-fi, and not dumbed-down, special effect-heavy action stories that pretend to be sci-fi.


Well... it's been said we have more courage than sense. But it seems the right idea can gather a lot of momentum really fast.


We'll be releasing a series of super-short-length (“web-length”) trailers we call “mini-pilots”. At the same time we're funding and pre-producing our first, 3-episode serial story, which we're expecting to release mid-2012. Future episodes will depend on how and when and whether we can fund them — more details about that soon.


(do I keep track of the news?)

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